About Us

We create opportunities for our clients and communities with a deep understanding of real estate and its value in people’s lives. More than anything, we have a profound respect for how important real estate decisions are for our clients. We believe that opportunities can be found in both the most complex and the most common real estate transactions when we convene the right people and insights around the table.

Community Involvement

We believe it is our responsibility as a business to give back with time, talent, and treasure. The same passion that drives us to help our clients achieve their dreams and goals drives us to help more people in our community access theirs. Together we can all make an impact and ignite opportunity.

Commitment to Diversity

Houston is the most diverse city in the nation. That diversity has made us stronger and enriches us all. Our firm is committed to investing in diversity when we partner with clients in our city and beyond. When we bring different backgrounds, education, perspectives, and ideologies around the table, we are able to see things others can’t. From bilingual real estate teams to investments in training multidisciplinary capabilities, diversity has always been a core value at Waterman Steele and we believe is a cornerstone of our success and the success of our clients.

Sweating the Small Stuff

Just as the finest chef may test her newest sous chef with the deceivingly simple task of cooking the perfect omelette we believe excellence is found in the basics. And excellence is achieved when we look beyond the transaction to find ways to provide added value to our clients. Every transaction is a means of serving our clients’ bigger goals — even if we have to break a few eggs to get there.

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