YES Prep is an open-enrollment charter school serving children in grades 6 -12 in Houston’s most underserved communities. They came to us in 2010 to help expand their reach to more kids in need of access to higher education. With a record of 100% college attendance post-graduation, with most of the youth representing first-generation college attendees, the mission at YES Prep is both powerful and successful.

However, identifying the ideal location to expand this successful charter school model presents a unique challenge. There are a number of demographic considerations along with very real geographic and construction challenges.

Ultimately, success is measured when enrollment includes students who are at least two years behind grade level so that they can provide unique educational experiences that lead them to high school graduation, and then to college.


We began our research using both demographic and market analysis, combined with an overview of available properties that can meet the requirements of 4-6 acres of land with a construction project averaging 80,000 square feet. That in-depth demographic analysis of surrounding areas of existing schools was used to create a target profile for all future school locations. Our study resulted in three fully-packed four-inch binders of data that we scoured through to find the ideal intersection of community need and geographic opportunity.

By comparing demographics from current successful schools to possible new areas in Houston where the same success could be duplicated we created a real estate expansion plan for a 5-year program.


Since leveraging the results of our comprehensive market study, we’ve hit the bullseye every time reaching kids who are most at-need of a new kind of educational opportunity. Adding six new schools since we began, we’ve reached the lowest income areas with the maximum population of children to help YES Prep now serve nearly 13,000 kids in the Houston area.

Inspired by the success and mission of YES Prep, we also donate 20% of our commissions back to every project we do with them totaling more than $100,000 to-date. We are humbled to be a part of an effort that is improving our community and investing in our youth.