We have partnered with Sherwin-Williams since 2009, helping them strategically grow their retail footprint in the Houston area.

Sherwin-Williams has been in business for more than 100 years with an A+ credit rating. That success is actually part of their challenge when they are looking to open new retail locations. With specific and proven demographic and geographic requirements, the number of viable locations that don’t compete with an existing Sherwin-Williams store can be hard to find.


With tenacity, research, and comprehensive analysis, we developed a Market Extension Plan that includes a formula Sherwin-Williams now uses across the country for site selection. Our depth of analysis and understanding of real estate and market growth has allowed us to help the leading paint and coating store in the country continue to build on its century of success.


Since developing this unique Market Expansion Plan approach, we’ve been able to help Sherwin-Williams grow its Houston footprint by 20%, opening on average four new stores per year with an average area of 5,000 square feet since 2009.