Waterman Steele to Roll Out FiRE+iCE Throughout Texas

HOUSTON, Texas, September 26, 2018 – Waterman Steele Real Estate Advisors has been named the real estate broker of record for FiRE+iCE Restaurants, a full-service interactive bar and grill franchise.

Founded in 1997 in Boston, FiRE+iCE is a create-your-own meal experience that exceeds customer’s wildest expectations. It is the place for co-workers, families, and friends to gather and celebrate. Vegetarians, carnivores, seasoned foodies, and stubborn children can all find their perfect meal. Watching their meals cook on the 20 ft circular grill offers customers a unique dining experience that goes way beyond a typical night out.

With locations already in Boston (near Boston Common), Anaheim, Lake Tahoe, and soon to be announced in one of San Francisco’s trendiest areas, the booming metros of Texas is an ideal landing spot for the exclusive brand that prides itself on being in top tier locations. In order to handle average annual sales exceeding $3.1 million, typical footprints range from 5,000 to 7,500 sq. ft with room for over 200 guests. FiRE+iCE is positioned to become the next big name in casual dining. Through its one-of-a-kind franchise program, FiRE+iCE provides a unique opportunity for single and multi-unit franchisees, as well as area developers looking to enter a restaurant sector that is booming with potential and limited competition.

FiRE+iCE  is a truly remarkable dining experience. People can go anywhere to get a meal, but FiRE+iCE offers so much more than just the food,” said Ryan Combe, managing partner at Better Way Franchise Group, the franchise growth partner for FiRE+iCE.

Site Requirements

  • Seeking 5,000-7,500 SF with patio
  • High traffic areas within walking distance of convention centers, stadiums, theaters, and universities

Markets of Interest

  • Tourist destinations in Houston, Texas