When Sweet Paris Creperie and Café came to us in 2011 they had a very clear vision of how they wanted to start, build, and grow their business. They knew at the start that real estate decisions were going to be critical to their success, and identifying the perfect location to start their high-end, unique Creperie experience was one of their primary goals.

However, convincing landlords at some of the most prestigious retail locations to take a chance on a startup is an uphill battle. Nearly 80% of entrepreneurs starting a business fail within the first 18 months. How would we make sure that Sweet Paris would have the location required to prove its successful model?


Our approach was a true partnership with Sweet Paris. Serving the function of an in-house real estate department, our Master Broker Service process allowed us to take a comprehensive approach to site selection, analyzing demographics and projected growth while leveraging our deep relationships to open doors and create opportunities with landlords that may traditionally shy away from a startup. Combining that with Sweet Paris’ business savvy and our combined tenacity to see their vision come to life, we were able to secure the ideal first location to open in Rice Village by 2012.


Compromising the site location was not an option for Sweet Paris. That first opening was critical and its success has enabled us to take the same discerning model to other retail locations. Today we have expanded their reach to 3 more stores in Texas and have developed a seamless process to support a successful expansion of franchisees nationally in partnership with our network of regional brokers.